Raise Your Vibrations

Millions of people have turned to meditation, yoga, Reiki, chanting, mandalas and many alternative techniques to slow down, listen within and be […]

Self-Care for Wellness

In this world of ‘busy’ we live in, we want instant results with everything, especially when we are sick or […]

Card Meanings

High Vibes

Click here to view the concepts, topics and card themes you will discover in The Joy of Energy 3 Deck Collection to […]

Take a Peek at the Cards

Take a peek inside the cards click here.   There are two cards from each deck to give you a […]


Learning to Be Your SELF

Can you imagine a more joyful world? The universe needs to your energy vibrations to resonate at the level of […]

transparent crop pinecone

Why the Pine Cone?

Carefully selected as the symbol to represent one of human’s greatest desires which is to be your self. The pine […]