Be Your SELF

be your self

Can you imagine a more joyful world? The universe needs to your energy vibrations to resonate at the level of joy to help the world heal. To resonate at the level of joy, you must learn to BE YOUR (true, authentic, real, higher) SELF. Joy requires you to shift from a human being to a SELF Being.

I Am A SELF Being (The Creed)

I long to be my SELF. My true and higher SELF. Not my ego self or the self that others expect.

I am a SELF in service to the universe. I have something important to contribute to the world.

I believe everything is energy. I learn my uniqueness and find meaning through ancient wisdom and modern science of energy vibration.

I use it to listen to my inner voice. Energy leads me to my soul's purpose.

I give myself permission to be my SELF and take the time to express my uniqueness with confidence. To break free from the crowd regardless of what other people think.

To live with intent. To take responsibility for my actions. To perceive challenges as lessons in understanding my soul's purpose.

Energy transforms my life. I am courageous. I have an open mind. I am worthy of abundance. Energy uplifts those I meet. Positive energy impacts the universal collective consciousness.

Energy heals me naturally. I know that my energy vibration affects the harmony of my body, mind, soul and spirit.

I choose to radiate a positive energy vibration. I share the joy of the language of energy and SELF Being with others. I am a SELF Being.

I am Awake and Alive. Aha!

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