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Meet the Co-Authors & Sisters

Dee and Shar discovered they took similar journeys in their lives even though they had lived hundreds of miles apart. Both sought to find answers to big life questions and transform the negative aspects of their lives. They tried many approaches that simply didn’t work. What did work was a combination of universal energy wisdom from across many cultures.

These cards are a collection of Dee and Shar’s favorite techniques for connecting with universal energy from the eyes of ordinary people. The front of each card provides a daily mantra and a stunning photograph. The back is a clear, simple explanation of various energy essentials, techniques or lifestyle choices. Living in North America (Ottawa, ON, Canada) the sisters enjoy stepping outside daily as they connect with nature and breathe in the life force energy of the universe.

Creating a mindfulness tool for people to instantly connect to the present moment using the language of energy is one of their soul's passions. 


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